I’ve been away ages but I’m back, I’ve missed Tumblr.


Anonymous asked:
dirty jew

Well aren’t you lovely. I hope your mouth explodes & you inhale yourself. Cunt.


Sometime I think about you, about us and I feel like I die a little bit inside each time. It can be at the oddest times, out with my friends, at work and even on a date. I don’t understand why because I was sad with you but I’m even sadder without you.

Jewish Princess Problems

1. There are bagels downstairs and leftovers from Shabbos dinner, but I’m going to Tel Aviv next week

2. Every Jewish boy you meet is either a friend of the family or has been out with someone you know.

3. Starbucks dont deliver. Bitches.

4. A personalised licence plate is great for being flash but not when being discreet.

5. You and your friends all have the same car - Mini’s. This is where the personalised licence plate helps.

6. You can’t help but wear uggs and leggings, no matter what.

7. Fasting on Yom Kippur seems like such a good incentive, breaking the fast however results in 1000’s of calories. Oy.

I’m back bitches.

Apologies for no posts - I have been in Italy. It was hilarious, dramatic and I sustained multiple injuries.

Anonymous asked: